„URCDKey“ leidžia sutaupyti daug programinės įrangos, kurios negali padaryti be jūsų kompiuterio

Building a new shiny gaming desktop this Summer? Wouldn't you rather upsize your hardware by saving big on genuine software such as your Windows 10 and Office? URCDKey is your place to go. This online retailer sells digital licenses of genuine, globally-valid software at prices over 80 percent lower than what you'd find in most local markets. Windows 10 Pro OEM keys are priced at USD $14.67, which is an 85% discount over most common online prices. Office is another software no home desktop is complete without, and is the most popular productivity suite. URCDKey is selling genuine, globally-valid lifetime keys to Office 2016 Professional Plus for $39.61, which again is an 85 percent discount over the $280 price this software commands, and a fraction of the annual subscription fee to Office 365. URCDKey is also introducing Office 2019 Professional Plus for $62.20, a 72% discount over prevalent prices.

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