„Steam“ pristato „Steam Labs“

Valve is busy as ever in its quest to bring better experiences to gamers all over the world. However, we as gamers can't see what are they working on until it is released. But that is about to change. Valve is today introducing Steam Labs, a community hub for all the experimental features that are being worked on behind the scenes. Valve says that the reason for creating this is that '… we create many experimental features with codenames like The Peabody Recommender and Organize Your Steam Library Using Morse Code. For the first time, we're giving these works-in-progress a home called Steam Labs, where you can interact with them, tell us whether you think they're worth pursuing further, and if so, share your thoughts on how they should evolve.'

Šiuo metu jie išleidžia tris eksperimentus, norėdami parodyti laboratorijų, vadinamų „Mikro priekabomis“, „Interaktyvusis patarėjas“ ir „Automatizuota paroda“, paskirtį. Visi šie eksperimentai yra skirti padėti vartotojams rasti žaidimą, kurį jie mėgsta. Eksperimentus galima išbandyti „Labs“ svetainėje, o juos panaudoję galite pasidalyti savo nuomonėmis „Steam Labs“ kaupimosi centre. Norėdami sekti būsimas „Steam Labs“ naujienas ir pranešimus, galite prisijungti prie „Steam Labs“ bendruomenės grupės.