Neįmanoma paleisti „Crysis“: „Radeon Instinct MI60“ palaiko tik „Linux“

AMD recently announced the Radeon Instinct MI60, a GPU-based data-center compute processor with hardware virtualization features. It takes the crown for 'the world's first 7 nm GPU.' The company also put out specifications of the 'Vega 20' GPU it's based on: 4,096 stream processors, 4096-bit HBM2 memory interface, 1800 MHz engine clock-speed, 1 TB/s memory bandwidth, 7.4 TFLOP/s peak double-precision (FP64) performance, and the works. Here's the kicker: the company isn't launching this accelerator with Windows support. At launch, AMD is only releasing x86-64 Linux drivers, with API support for OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan 1.0, and OpenCL 2.0, along with AMD's ROCm open ecosystem. The lack of display connector already disqualifies this card for most workstation applications, but with the lack of Windows support, it is also the most expensive graphics card that 'can't run Crysis.' AMD could release Radeon Pro branded graphics cards based on 'Vega 20,' which will ship with Windows and MacOS drivers.