„Acer“ pristato „FreeSync“ XZ1 seriją, lenkti žaidimų monitoriai - VA WQHD, 144 Hz, HDR10 paruošti

Acer has announced two incoming budget-yet-premium gaming monitors to power AMD's FreeSync-supporting graphics cards. The new XZ1 series will come in 27' (XZ271U) and 31.5' (XZ321QU), thus appealing to two different market segments. The new monitors both sport a 144 Hz, 1 ms, 16:9 VA panel with WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution. Both are curved affairs; contrast stands at 3000:1; color coverage is at 85% of the NTSC color-space; and we're saying they are HDR10 ready because with their maximum brightness of 250 and 300 cd/m², respectively, they'll never be able to showcase the tiniest amount of HDR10 detail. Like the initial HD ready TVs which only supported 720p resolution but could process higher-density images, so does this HDR10 badge not mean there's an actual ability to properly display HDR10 content as it was meant to be.

Sujungiamumas yra 1x „DisplayPort 1.2“, 1x „mini DisplayPort 1.2“ ir 2x „HDMI 2.0“ antraštėse. Kiekviename monitoriuje yra du 7 W stereofoniniai garsiakalbiai ir ausinių lizdas, taip pat keturių prievadų USB 3.0 A tipo šakotuvas. Stovai gali pakreipti nuo –5 iki 25 laipsnių, pasukti +/– 25 laipsnių ir reguliuoti aukštį iki 120 mm. Dabar abi plokštes galima įsigyti svetainėje Amazon.com, nustatant atitinkamai 527 ir 550 USD (ne galutinę mažmeninę kainą Amerikoje).
Sources: via AnandTech, Acer XZ271U, Acer XZ321QU